Living in Laramie so far

Here are some fun facts about living in Laramie:

1. The I-80 around Laramie and Cheyenne has some of the few remaining dead zones for cell phones. In Laramie, Sprint doesn’t not work. Like, zero bars, no phone calls, nothing. Kevin and I learned this the hard way when we pulled into Laramie around midnight after driving through snow in May. He had to go into a gas station to use their landline. Oh memories of working the night shift at a gas station! I helped a lot of lost people back on Transit Road in Buffalo.

2. Tumbleweeds are everywhere. They get stuck in the fences and roll across the road like you see in the movies. Kevin thinks I’m lame because I still get excited about tumbleweeds but I didn’t grow up around them! He didn’t grow up with lightning bugs, and is still in awe about seeing them. So, we each have our East Coast/West Coast issues.

3. The Post Office lobby is open past closing hours. With heat running and everything! I was in shock that the paper, pens, and boxes were all there.

4. For all the government stuff/paperwork I’ve had to do, it has all been at the actual courthouse.

5. There is cowboy stuff everywhere. But, not everyone here thinks they’re a cowboy. I did see someone wearing snow boots with a cowboy boot embroidery on them though.

6. Both Thai food places here are really good.

7. Dominoes does so much business here. I could watch the delivery cars go by my house all day. I don’t know if it is just college students, or if that many people just haven’t had a decent pizza.

8. Even though it is really cold, most of the time it is sunny. Which is good for mood stuff, but not so good when it tricks me into thinking it isn’t negative degrees out.

9. Laramie has the smallest DMV I’ve ever been to. Which makes sense, but still. Very different than my wait at the San Francisco DMV!

10. Colorado is really close. Wyoming-ites go there for entertainment, fun, legal drugs, a major airport… I go there for Costco.

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