My goal as a writing coach is to guide you towards your best work while mentoring you in the craft of writing you aim to excel in.

My training is a combination of University Writing Center training, college English instructor classroom pedagogy, and a foundation in a variety of creative writing workshop methods. What this means for you is that I approach every piece of writing with a unique approach pulling from a wide variety of experience to determine what will be the best fit for you and your writing. My philosophy is writer-centered, where I guide you through both your goals for the piece and opportunities I see in the piece itself. I believe in multiple Englishes in that dialects, slang, and regional-specific voices deserve a place in the written word. My approach to craft is heavily influenced by Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird (If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it!). I believe every draft is a placeholder with room to grow and change in any direction you wish. 

I offer spoken feedback or written feedback, whichever works better for you. My spoken feedback uses active listening, guiding questions, and on-the-spot exercises to talk through your piece and your goals to cultivate working feedback. My written feedback explores the possibilities for your piece, layering questions and comments to allow you to choose which feedback to implement.

If you are under the age of 18, please go to my K-12 Creative Writing page for information on working with me– I'd love to connect with you! 

Applying to MFAs? Check out my Application Consulting business page to learn more about the guidance I can provide. 

Jackie's presence has been the single most helpful conversation I have been involved in about my work up to this point. Her feedback was clear, friendly, and spot on every time. I truly wouldn't see my writing the way I do today without her help. 

Maxwell Peterson, poet, 2017

Jackie is really good at discovering the possibilities of my stories and essays and talking through those possibilities with me. She is a generous reader who cares about what I want my piece to be. Her feedback is motivating and helps me see my work in new ways.

Anonymous, Non-fiction author


Rates below apply to any prose projects (Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, etc.) For poetry, please contact me directly at sizemorepov [at] gmail [dot] com for an individualized quote based on your project needs.

0-2,000 words

$60Includes one round of in-text and letter-style response OR 45 minutes of spoken feedback

2,001-5,000 words

$100Includes one round of in-text and letter-style response OR 60 minutes of spoken feedback

5,001-10,000 words

$160Includes one round of in-text and letter-style response OR one hour and a half of spoken feedback