Contests & Awards

Notable Essay in Best American Essays 2018

Where the Bullfrogs Jump from Bank to Banky
Longlisted for the Alpine Fellowship in Venice, Italy. 2018 "Childhood" theme.

The Body Experience (novel-in-progress excerpt)
Finalist for Barbara Deming Memorial Fund Money for Women, Fiction, 2016

Literary Nonfiction

Aim High
Crab Orchard Review, 2019

Where the Bullfrogs Jump from Bank to Banky
Mikrokosmos/Mojo, Spring 2018

Solve for X
The Citron Review, Spring 2018

Real Teacher, Fake Dinosaur Quarry
Ravishly Long Reads, 2017

Eastern Iowa Review, 2017 (Print)

The Evansville Review, 2017 (Print)

On Lawns
Literary Orphans


What We Play For
Opossum Fall 2017 (print)

Stick Figure Dilemma 
Flash Fiction Magazine

All You Need to Know About working in a Fake Dinosaur Quarry
Paper Darts


Pont Neuf is Flooding
Noble / Gas Qtrly, June 2018

It’s like a Hallmark Card
Print Oriented Bastards

Craft Writing

Not a poem, not a story
Author Magazine

Distractions in Satire
Women On Writing Blog


Interviews With Women Writers: From Childhood Dream to Adult Career
Writer Melissa Blake's Blog, 2017

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