Boise State University, Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (Fiction), May 2016

Carnegie Mellon University, B.A. Creative Writing and Social & Cultural History, May 2010.
Minor:    Photography

Wyoming Arts Council Professional Development Grant for Individual Artists 2017

Contests & Awards
Where the Bullfrogs Jump from Bank to Banky
Longlisted for the Alpine Fellowship in Venice, Italy. 2018 "Childhood" theme.

The Body Experience (novel-in-progress excerpt)
Finalist for Barbara Deming Memorial Fund Money for Women, Fiction, 2016

Point of View Consulting, LLC
Founder, August 2012-present
Guide future students and creatives through application processes with transparent, informed, and empathetic strategies that empower their future.


University Teaching Experience 
Laramie County Community College (Albany Campus) in Laramie, WY
Adjunct English Instructor, August 2017-December 2017
Instructor, English 1010 (College Composition)
Number of courses taught: 2

Lessons include persuasive writing, personal essay, critical thinking, database research, secondary source work, scholarly writing, visual rhetoric, new media, and individual student conferences. 

Boise State University in Boise, ID.
Graduate Teaching Assistant, August 2013-May 2016
Instructor, Introduction to Fiction
Instructor, First-Year Writing Academic Research
Instructor, First-Year Writing College Composition
Number of courses taught: 8

Fiction lessons include but are not limited to structure, cultural awareness, revision techniques, editing techniques, meta-awareness, dialogue, plot, genre, commercial and literary, online discussion board forum for reading assignments, and individual conferences with students throughout semester.
First-Year Writing lessons include but are not limited to structure, critical thinking, rhetoric, persuasive writing, summary, analysis, source integration, content development, online discussion board forum for reading assignments, and individual conferences with students through semester.
Selected for Center for Teaching & Learning Summer Course Design Institute, 2014

Boise State University Writing Center in Boise, ID.
Graduate Assistant, August 2014-May 2016
Lead initiative to increase creative writing presence.
Founding member of Social Justice training initiative.
Created instructional handouts for Fiction, Creative Non Fiction, Writing Strategies & Tips, and Statements of Purpose.
Assisted in spring hiring, staff training, budget discussions, professional development.
Facilitated revision workshops for undergraduate fiction and non-fiction students.
Coordinated final portfolio revision events for First Year and Creative Writing courses.
Completed collaborative Institutional Training Initiative for IRB (Human Subjects), 2014.
Provided consulting services and served as mentor to undergraduate tutors.

Editorial Experience
The Idaho Review Literary Journal at Boise State University in Boise, ID. Intern, Editorial staff. August 2013-December 2013, and January 2015-May 2015.

Carnegie Mellon University Press, at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.
Reader, Assistant to Gerald Costanzo (Director of Press). August 2008-December 2009.

Judging/Competition Reading
Scholastic Writing Awards, State of Idaho, Science Fiction & Fantasy category, 2017 season. 

International Literary Awards (by Salem College Center for Women Writers) Reader for Fiction Category, 2018

Scholastic Writing Awards, State of Idaho, Flash Fiction category, 2016 season.

Boise State President’s Writing Awards, Fiction and Research Essay categories, 2014-16

Other Teaching Experience & Licenses
Laramie Community College Life Enrichment program, in Cheyenne, WY
Science Fiction & Fantasy course

Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board, Substitute Teaching Permit, December 2016

Mentors Cloud Camps, in Boise, ID
Teacher & Curriculum creator, July-August 2016
Taught two weeklong camps: 5th-8th grade Personal Essay camp, and 12th grade College Essay camp. 

Service/Volunteer Work
Boise State University English 101 and 102 Portfolio Assessment Team, 2014-2016
First year TA mentor for Boise State University M.A. Literature student, 2014-15

Storyfort (Treefort Music Festival) in Boise, ID: March 2016
Death Rattle Writing Festival in Nampa, ID: October, 2015.
Tooth and Bristle MFA Reading Series in Boise, ID: September, 2014
Tooth and Bristle MFA Reading Series in Boise, ID: October, 2013


Conferences (presented at)
National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing Conference, Salt Lake City 2015
“Cool Story: Challenges of Tutoring Fiction at Boise State University’s Writing Center”
Paper that explores BSU’s Writing Center’s preparedness for working with creative writing, conducted interviews with current consultants resulting in qualitative and quantitative findings. 

National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing Conference, Salt Lake City 2015
Brown, Hansen, Jones, May, and Jackie Sizemore
“Social Justice in the Writing Center: Training Tutors to Combat Social Oppression(s)”
An interactive workshop for administrators and consultants to begin creating a social justice training program, or social justice aspect of their current training program for their center.  


Administrative Experience
University of Wyoming Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Office Assistant, February–August 2017
Prepared training materials, edited written materials, researched peer universities, and served as secondary witness to EORR interviews.
Reviewed and provided feedback on job applicant matrixes, mandatory reports.
Designed & managed new Employment Practices and Diversity websites using new university CSS templates

Carnegie Mellon University Undergraduate Admissions in Pittsburgh, PA
Assistant Director of Admission, Special Populations Team, August 2010-May 2012
Lead coordinator Celebration of Diversity weekend, a fly-in program for high school seniors.
Read applications for undergraduate and transfer applicants, financial aid, info sessions.
Assisted in reaching record 14% underrepresented students for Class of 2015.

Teaching and Research Interests
Creative Writing Pedagogy
Writing pedagogy
Ethics in storytelling
Interactive lessons for the classroom Research writing
Professional writing
Writing Center scholarship
Teaching in a multi-cultural classroom
First Peoples/Indigenous Rights
Intersectional feminism