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Since 2015, Dr. Randy Swearer has been the vice president of Autodesk's Global Education Experiences team. Previously, he held roles as provost and dean of faculty at the University of Philadelphia as well as the dean of Parsons School of Design.

If the movement to make community colleges free is successful, what changes do you foresee?
I think community colleges are going to emerge over the next 10 to 15 years as among the most important learning institutions in the country. Community colleges are in unique places to move quickly, try new things, fail, and succeed, and they're nimble.

Will those with coding and similar skills become the "working class" of the future?
Coding is being automated very quickly, so understanding the details of coding may not be as important because you can learn higher-level programming languages now that don't require you to get down in the details as much. There's a whole new emerging class of skills that I don't think we know how to really make sense of yet.

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