What We Play For
Opossum (forthcoming October 2017)

Stick Figure Dilemma 
Flash Fiction Magazine

All You Need to Know About working in a Fake Dinosaur Quarry
Paper Darts


Literary Nonfiction
Ravishly Long Reads
Real Teacher, Fake Dinosaur Quarry (forthcoming Fall 2017)

Eastern Iowa Review (forthcoming July 2017)

The Evansville Review (2017, print edition)

On Lawns
Literary Orphans


It’s like a Hallmark Card
Print Oriented Bastards


Craft Writing
Not a poem, not a story
Author Magazine

Distractions in Satire
Women On Writing Blog


The Betsy DeVos Guide to Acing Your Job Interview

Mike Pence's Diary (Keep Out!)

A Motivational Ladies Home Workout for Our Trump-Spots
Janice Magazine

The Shows You'll See On Trump TV
Robot Butt


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