Short story & interview in Iron Horse Literary Review

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Iron Horse Literary Review's print magazine cover. The Party Issue has colorful balloons, and the logo of the magazine which is a horse jumping.

My short story, “Everybody Dance Now” is first up in Iron Horse Literary Review‘s newest magazine print issue. Many thanks to the PhD students and staff at Texas Tech University’s wonderful literary magazine! Since I am technically from Texas, it feels right for one of my stories to have a home there, too. I wrote the first draft of “Everybody Dance Now” in 2017, and after revising it through many different versions, it was accepted for publication in early 2023. There is still something about holding your own work as a physical artifact, in all its weird, pink leggings glory. At the back of the issue, the From the Horse’s Mouth section features an interview with me in “a conversation about fabulism, surprise endings, self-editing, and fun.” Let me know if you figure out the Easter Egg of meaning in the story’s title!