$420 later…

Last night around 8pm, Meeko and Snickers were sleeping on the couch, waiting to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race with me. Snickers saw a dog commercial and started barking at the TV. Meeko was still laying down, but looked like she was trying to get up. Watching her carefully, I realized something was wrong. Her head was jerking upwards every few … Read More

Happy Birthday Meeko!

This past weekend Meeko turned 1 year old! Looking back at the time when I first brought her home, I was anxiously awaiting the rest of my grad school decisions, knowing that I would be moving homes that summer either way. I asked Meeko if she would be my “grad school puppy” envisioning her terrorizing the halls of some university, … Read More

15 days: Big progress

In the past few days, my kitchen has been packed up, Meeko got spayed, and I’ve only un-voluntarily lost a few articles of clothing. My Mom came down for the weekend to help me in my packing process. Through all the moves my family did, she was always our fearless packing leader. I have no doubt that all of my … Read More

Puppy Timeline Part 1

There has always been a Sheltie in my life. When I was really little, we had Gallie, an oversized Sheltie with an overbite. When I fell down a ditch into a riverbed, she ran back to our house barking at my Mom until she followed Gallie to my rescue, Lassie-style. Turns out ‘Gallie’ was short for ‘Galleria,’ as in the … Read More