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Living in Laramie so far

Here are some fun facts about living in Laramie: 1. The I-80 around Laramie and Cheyenne has some of the few remaining dead zones for cell phones. In Laramie, Sprint doesn’t not work. Like, zero bars, no phone calls, nothing. Kevin and I learned this the hard way when we pulled into Laramie around midnight […]

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Receiving a Wyoming Arts Council Professional Development Grant

Several months ago, I received news that I’d been awarded a Wyoming Arts Council Professional Development Grant as an individual artist. The working life of a creative writer can often be a solitary one, with good news to share only coming every once and a while. Receiving this grant meant than someone besides myself believed […]

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2016 wrap up

The second half of 2016 was a whirlwind. After graduating and leaving Boise, Kevin and I drove across the country (again) to leave Meeko at my sister’s apartment so we could fly out of Boston airport to Iceland and Paris. Thanks to cheap flights, that monthly discount on Airbnb, and a limited food budget (mostly baguettes), Kevin […]

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Yellowstone National Park

I had time for one short road trip before my summer job(s) got going, so Kevin and I decided to drive to Yellowstone National Park. Neither of us had been before, and despite researching and staring at maps, we didn’t know what to expect. I saw a lot of animals– grizzly bears, black bears, bison, […]